If major products and tech innovations can be crowdfunded then why can’t real estate be? That’s our central problem with the way things have worked so far in traditional way of doing things. And that is exactly what we aim to change via our platform, Bollo Invest. We believe that everyone should have the option of being able to both invest in and sell of their real estate assets via crowdfunding. And staying true to our tenet of blockchain and including everyone in the decentralized finance landscape, our aim is to make sure that everyone who joins our platform is rewarded with what they are looking for. We aim to do this by creating a platform where real estate brokers and developers can easily upload their property on our platform for crowdfunding. Crowdfunding means a whole bunch of investors from all over the world will be interested in buying what you are selling. And they, in fact, would like to invest a lot of money in making the purchase of a real estate asset overseas.

This is something that we take inspiration about from blockchain. A blockchain network that is truly permissionless and decentralized is the one that is open for all. And because it is decentralized, no single authority controls or determines who gets to be a part of the network and who doesn’t. While this has been difficult and over the years the implementation of this has also faced with various challenges, but as bitcoin’s history shows despite all these challenges there have been people who have been overtly interested in becoming a part of this. And despite all these challenges cryptocurrencies have stood out. And if you want to buy Bitcoin – or for that matter any other cryptocurrency – you do not have to worry about applying for a bank account. You can simply download a software on your system or on your mobile and then use your bank account details to buy cryptocurrencies. And this is exactly what we also aim to do with our platform for real estate assets.

Anyone can list their assets on their platform (provided they clear the required auditing process) and raise crowdfunding for the same.