Find the meaning in your life, get purpose and profession which suits the best for your character and nature.

Understand whats happy life's about and how you can live it happy, healthy and wealthy today.

zHustlers is an ancient wisdom mindset music project to remind everyone that the aim of a life is happiness and free one from a mindsets of slavery.

Formula to it lies in the successful implementation of one's Dharma (designation), Artha (profession), Kama (gained pleasure) and finally - Moksha (redemption).

In these songs or how I call them - mindsets - listener will find ancient mindset poetry used by zHustlers music project gathered from different religious traditions worldwide with chill out dubby reggae beat.

insight of ancient mysticism and art of meditation from like Vedas, Bible and Christian Gospel, Freemasonry, Yoga, Islam, Sufism, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Kabbalah presented by authors like Patanjali, Rabindranath Tagore, Prophet Muhammad, Milarepa, Edwin Arnold, Veda Vyasa, Peter Cole, Kalidasa, Michael A. Sells, Mansur al- Hallaj, Kabir, Niffari, Andrew Harvey, Eryk Hanut, Rumi, Sultan Valad, Mahmud Shabistari, Rabi´a al-Adawiyya, Sanai, Saadi, Attar, Jami, Farid ud Din Attar, Yunus Emre and author himself - Martins Ate

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Get enlightened within 3 hours most easy way - read 108 Infinite Mindsets and listen to Chill-out Music on the background! :) In this book you will find mind-blowing verses used by zHustlers music project gathered from different religious traditions worldwide.

Reader will have insight of ancient mysticism and art of meditation from traditions like Vedas, Bible and Christian Gospel, Freemasonry, Yoga, Islam, Sufism, Upanishads, Bhagavad Gita, Kabbalah presented by authors like Patanjali, Prophet Muhammad, Milarepa, Edwin Arnold, Veda Vyasa, Peter Cole, Kalidasa, Michael A. Sells, Mansur al- Hallaj, Kabir, Niffari, Andrew Harvey, Eryk Hanut, Rumi, Sultan Valad, Mahmud Shabistari, Rabi´a al-Adawiyya, Sanai, Saadi, Attar, Jami, Farid ud Din Attar, Yunus Emre, Rabindranath Tagore and author himself - Martins Ate - with author comments of each of them in order to eliminate daily stress and gain understanding of Truth. Read together with listening to the music online - search for "zHustlers" mindsets on your music player and enjoy reading together with smooth chilled out dubby reggae beat.

zHustlers is an ancient wisdom mindset music project to remind everyone that the aim of a life is happiness and free one from a mindsets of slavery. Formula to it lies in the successful implementation of one's Dharma (designation), Artha (profession), Kama (gained pleasure) and finally - Moksha (redemption). In this book reader will find ancient mindset poetry used by zHustlers music project gathered from different religious traditions worldwide and some poetry made up by Martins Ate as well with comments on each of them in order to eliminate daily stress and gain understanding of Truth. Read together with listening to the music online - search for "zHustlers" mindsets on your music player and enjoy reading together with smooth chilled out dubby reggae beat.


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Why zHustlers?

It is worrying how world today strives too hard and people are irresponsibly ignoring systems control mechanisms stretching it's roots deeper and deeper in our daily life selling to people lowest level happiness for the highest price of a Life - increasing stress and decreasing aims

This also has impacted the music we are listening to daily. Music was never supposed to be as degradating as it is today. Even Rockefeller Foundation had an interest in making sure the United States adopted the 440 Hz standard back in 1935 as part of a “war on consciousness” leading to “musical cult control.” If you look down the right paths, it becomes clear that governments and various security apparatuses have used music to control us using music. All the music of the West that’s based on the standard 12-tone scale is used for the management of crowds as well as thought control not even talking about scenes considered as erotic 50 years ago being pumped for keeping consciousness at the lowest states of existence.

The monopolization of the music industry features this imposed frequency that is ‘herding’ populations into greater aggression, psycho-social agitation, and emotional distress predisposing people to physical illnesses and financial impositions profiting the agents, agencies, and companies engaged in the monopoly. For thousands of years music has been used for creative motivation and inspiration for usefulness and striving for Truth.

Today's pop-music is setting up your mind for trouble causing and life devastating problems, having focus on animal level meanings. Even if it is hard to prove and it is very arguable question on human rights etc - this book is mostly nothing else than extractions from ancient sacred scriptures used in zHustlers music from saints and persons who have reached the highest truth with knowledge valuated for millennias.

Desire to be a part of humanity assisting fellow mates on our path for Truth based on Love, Divinity and Unity led me found my own music record label Black Sea Records giving similar minded artists opportunity to record themselves and spread the messaage of Love - thats where I also do all my work on zHustlers. The praises I have chosen to sing for zHustlers have been inside me for years. I have chosen my favorite ones to sing about - the ones which describes at the best my own understanding on God through my wide travelling & tripping experiences. Hopefully you will find some attractive mindsets to see power yourself up for striving for Truth. The taughest part of this book is a full Patanjali Yoga Sutras with my comments on them - as they are mindsets used in zHustlers music.

The Vedas suggest that the Truth is beyond faith, magic and knowledge. This book is about looking at all religions as "letucies under One Sun" - each being in One and fully depending on One with one aim - to reach the One - Truth - avoiding spiecism. Poems of various writers are extractions from the lyrics I used in songs starting from first album placed in the begining of this book and last one - at the end in order to lift the veil from a reader and listener of these magical mindsets. Patanjali Yoga sutras - the full excerption of which is included in this book - is considered as a main knowledge to understand the Whole. In the music they are represented in a two albums - Eight Magic Balls 1 and 2 covering whole course of Yoga Sutras.

What does zHustlers means? "z" is taken from as last letter in the latin alphabet expressing "Last" so fully meaning The Last Hustlers. Last due to believe that with increased dependency on robotics and A.I. and brainwave technology like 5G, biomagnetic fintech development like NFC, after millenials will come out brain fried beings with less inner power to achieve personal goals - to hustle - and future society might be kept as a pets supervised by bots. So this book is for those last ones who wish to understand their goals and achieve them without depending on all what's happening arround. To be the last goal achievers - the last hustlers - by lifting the vail of ignorance with ancient wisdom mindsets while there is still a moment available to do so.

Google or search for zHustlers mindsets in your music player like Anghami, Napster, Amazon Music, iTunes, Spotify, Sounclound, Pandora, Youtube, etc! And think twice before you listen to the next latest radio hit again!

May Infinite Peace, Happiness and prosperity be with all.

This book contains 108 most favorite pure vegetarian recipes of reggae musician and entrepreneur Martins Ate discovered across the world during his constant travelings and expeditions. Marvelous deserts from Thailand, including wonders of Japanese kitchen ending up with Turkish wraps and American Burgers - everything to inspire you for healthy and ayurvedically balanced meals.
Book takes the reader through magical places and answers to questions like who is Buddha, who is Krishna, was Jesus in India, how it is all connected and where it all happened. Besides praying in them and showing these prayer places to the public we wanted to rise the societies awareness of ancient Vedic culture, passed knowledge, it's greatness and practical use in nowadays.

zHustlers 108 mindsets are coming to conclusion with some of poetry from zHustlers latest very smooth eastern chillout mindset album with the same name as this book composed by zHustlers. This album is a bit different from others adding more asian style and me personaly also playing Chinese music instrument goujang in some parts of the most of the songs. It's more about urrender spiritualy completely giving up your own will and subjects and thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power. So comes the Swinged in Love.

I don't have power to explain myself
How powerless I am when loosing sight of yours
Your face is giving me the mightest strenght
I turned my head a while aside and now
Relieve of my misery is only You again
Only when my thoughts and sight are with you
I feel swinged in the gentle Love
And softly carried through the day
My only fear is will I be strong
To break not this sacred chat
So it can last my lifetime long

To die with words and thoughts of You


Sometimes I'm wondering for myself how daily routine and performance of a family duties can drag me far away from the most nicesiest and enjoyable things on this Earth - the most basic ones - given by God - nature, Sun, Moon, Stars. Sometimes to remind me back about it I made up this song.
My life's abundance - I have all
My lungs still breathe the air
And heart is pumping life through veins
And eyes can see the Sun and Moon
It is just me and me alone whose wasting
Gods gifts of all I need for happiness
I'm reading news when beauty of the Moon's uncovered
I'm writing news when splendour of the Sun is up
It's there for me - but I don't see it.
My lifestyle wasting gifts of God.
At the end all news are old.
Only the Sun and Moon is there
Not the news about secondary
If I would give my life my time to this infinity not news
Wouldn't I become a part of this infinity?



As “spirit,” human beings have consciousness, which allows them to rise above the sensory experiences they have in any given moment. Doing so we reduce our ego. Yet, at the same time, we are bound to our physical bodies, senses and instincts, like any other animal. They are part of the natural world and are subject to the risks and vulnerabilities of mortality, including death and cause us degredation of a spirit. So aim of our life should be focusing on most huighest heard things in a lifetime to guarantee aquisition of the next birth at some place nice.

Is there a difference in the pig farm which pig eats most which pigs sleeps best?
They all'll be slaughtered. No bullies left. No memories of their existence. No maps of hidden food for later. No other impact on the earth.
Than just a poo of one who eat it.
Is there a difference in this world between the one who think he can and one who think he shouldn't.
Between the one who drives and one who's driven on a back. No memories or stories of their existence if it wasn't a glory.
Glory of what? Of proving that your ego was high enough to take and kill? Is that a victory? They all will die. No bullies left.
Stays only Farm and Earth. From Earth to Farm from Farm to Earth. Hi-hi, ha-ha, no changes left. Not reached the goal.
No difference between the animals and humans. Except that we can pray and be prepared. When slaughter of the Farm called Earth will happen -
at least become a poo at some place nice - not Earth.

From the colonial period through the nineteenth century, ancient Rome often served as a touchstone for slaveholders in the United States--the slaveholding "civilization" that they aspired to emulate. But how did ancient Romans themselves conceive and institutionalize slavery? And how did their understandings of freedom hinge on the deveolpment of a slave system. Capitalist society is mainly to blame for the slavery in the U.S., not slave society such as with Roman slavery. Of course there are some similarities between how slaves were treated, but the societies were very different. The primary form of exploitation in the U.S. was and remains wage slavery, not slave society.

I wish I could say I'm here on Earth by accident but lol it's not.
I'm not here by mystery as-well.
This time I'm here because the last was not enough:
To understand that life of poor and rich, ones born in castles and lagoons, ones grown in sheds and slums, ones praying loud ones silently - are guided by illusion of the master - To waste the time instead of planning exit from this abode of slavery - the Earth.
Will I be better as a soul to live this human life like dog? Does it helps me as a Human to train my lust like monkey?
So what is my achievement if I am still on Earth? And what where my misdeeds that I was born on Earth?
Knowing God - that he exists has brought me to this Earth as human. Misled by choices serve or slave made Earth a camp for me today.
Slave of Earth - a slave for fame and glory. For likes and shares. For money, power. For recognition, paper with a stamp and status. Slave for my and me. This is Earth and everyone is a sibling here. The queen and I both wiped our poo with paper. The planet of the slaves not servants. Slave queen slave me.

Can I get out? Can someone please release me? Yes of course just learn to serve! Be slave until you learn to Serve. Serve the One who is famous and the only Glory. Like and share his name to serve Him. Bring the Money and the Power for Him so he has it to give it to you! And be a servant not a slave. Be Free by choosing Serve instead of born as Slave on Earth.



Love Comes from God. There are moments when you are indeed in a full unity of bliss in oneness during meditation. Beloved, if God so loved us, we also ought to love one another. No one has ever seen God; but if we love one another, God remains in us, and His love is perfected in us. By this we know that we remain in Him, and He in us: He has given us of His Spirit. No one has ever seen God, but the one and only Son, who is Himself God and is at the Father's side, has made Him known. John 1:18 He alone is immortal and dwells in unapproachable light. No one has ever seen Him, nor can anyone see Him. To Him be honor and eternal dominion! Amen. 1 Timothy 6:16

I dreamed tonight I walked with you today

We walked along the shores of silver lake

White robes on body and happiness on face

I looked alone - but Knew - I am with you.

I didn't need to see you to believe you

Nor I was flattered by thy presence

It's just reality - the way it was that day and is forever

I walked with God. Alone. I didn't see him.



The ancient moksha concept or liberation from the cycle of birth and death through self-knowledge and the eternal connection of soul, self and metaphysical Brahman. Moksha is derived from root meaning free, let go, release, liberate; Moksha means "liberation, freedom, emancipation of the soul". In the Vedas and early Upanishads, the word appears a bit different giving meaning more like to be set free or release - such as of a horse from its harness or a slave.

The traditions within Hinduism state that there are multiple paths to moksha - the path of knowledge, the path of devotion; and path of action. In a sanskrit text called Brahma-nirvana in the Bhagavad Gita it is the described as a state of release or liberation; the union with the Brahman. According to Easwaran, it is an experience of blissful egolessness.

I love that place - the Home

I know I'm loved there and awaited

It's been my mission out too long

Remembering the songs of yours

But now I know that I can sing

That I was born here only sing

To sing your praises day and night

That bring me back to you in mind

My home songs, songs of One, the praises

The magic of the duty expelled

The highest pleasures realised

The only freedom dreamed about



Buddha taught that the way to bring an end to suffering is to engage in four activities, classically called the Four Right Efforts. Buddha did not teach that one should attempt to bring about the cessation of desire. Purpose of Dharma is that by doing our duties we will keep our lifes so the minds clean. First, we practice loving awareness, or mindfulness of our own body, actions, words, feelings, and thoughts. We come to know what thoughts and feelings give rise to suffering, and what thoughts and feelings give rise to health, peace, and joy. Then, moment by moment, we do these four things in relation to each thought, feeling, or desire. I enjoy mood of Tibet's monasteries a lot.

Can I get this can I get that

I want the all that blink and crunch

Inside - most marvellous carousel

Stays untouched, unused for years

To walk, to eat, to talk - takes years

To learn to want the things takes same

Aim for the things of wisdom

Learn through the years the Unity

Get down inside you through the times of silence

Get down and put your hand to turn the wheels

Of carousel which lays untouched for years

Which powered is just by simple breath

And let the carousel of Life take turns

To right to left to centre up and down

With songs of silence, comedies of joy

With colour 3D picture dolby surround blasting you around

Enjoy the carousel of Life within you

It's not so hard and not expensive

Besides all secrets lies in dreamy breath full ride

The power to change the future and the presence.

With such a splendid factory of toys within you

Its easy find contentment for the heart

It just takes time to pass the gates of silence

To enter carousel of void within your heart



I trully appreciate my parents role in my education process fundamental problem is that we live our life with the concept that these things are permanent. We look at them as permanent and expect them to be permanent. This concept is what makes life difficult. We look at these things in the wrong way, as something that they are not. We look at these impermanent things as permanent, we apprehend them to be permanent, and we expect them to be permanent. Having this concept is the fundamental problem of life. We look at things in this way, but we don’t experience them in this way. What we experience in our daily life is something else; we experience change, decay, things not lasting.

Mother, mummy, my dear Giver of Life

I must be nasty pooping all the time in face on hands in beds and floors

I have must been peed in every bed I can't even remember

What a nasty child I was

And all the youngsters troubles I was bringing home

With rockenrol and drugs and alcohol

Oh crazy what a loving mother bears

By raising up a boy who's born for freedom

I am so grateful for wiping poo

For letting be the hooligan and search for Truth

For not exclaiming stops for my activities

But giving heartiest support in everything

The mothers love can never be replaced

Not repaid or given back to her

They literally gives their lives for us

The Mothers. Amazing Mothers.



The meaning of Dharma means that which holds one from falling down into suffering. Dharma protects, or frees, you from all true suffering, such as death and rebirth, and from the true cause of suffering, karma and disturbing thoughts. Dharma protects you from all true suffering and its causes. So, that is not something external—it’s your own mind. With this mind of Dharma, we try to cease the other minds that bring suffering, the continuation of which did not have a beginning and which we experience endlessly, life after life. We are trying to cease the cycle of death and rebirth, to end suffering completely. There is nothing more important in our life than this work. If we are able to stop suffering rebirth, it means we are able to stop the sufferings of old age and sickness, as well as death. We are able to stop all the problems we experience between rebirth and death and those we experience between death and rebirth. Is there anything more important to do than this?

Soul has its Ego as the legs

They move her towards mystery

Soul has its Happiness as arms

They shaping everything around it

So bend your legs. Down on your knees and cross them.

Reduce the comfort, but gain the bliss of inner peace.

Let legs be able travel wide and far.

Just staying crossed, ready to run for inner journey.

So free your hands. Down on your knees and breath the charged up air with Godly energy.

Feel billions particles of Love with just one silent sound.

Tune up your self with song resembling Glory of the Universe.

Let hands and mind, with legs and breath perceive the magic

of the Air coming inside your Body.

Enjoy the carousel of life within the breath spinning the life within you.

See turning wheels of different lights and colours ordaining your daily life.

Distinguish the most sacred Truth from Splendid Lies within the seconds.

Path further the compassion of life the air is gifting you.

No need for principles or moral laws, even commandments after.

Love. Life. Joy. Gratitude to the Sustainer and Creator for The lessons upon End.

Comes in a form of thousand millions Laws within one word - Compassion.

To pass these days in fearless, harmless way and reach the Goal.



We are trying to achieve the peerless happiness of full enlightenment, the mental state that is free from even the subtle imprint left on the mental continuum by ignorance, the concept of true existence, and that is perfected in all realizations. We are trying to achieve full enlightenment in order to be able to perfectly guide every sentient being, whose mind is obscured and who is experiencing suffering; to be able to free them from all their sufferings and obscurations and lead them to the peerless happiness of full enlightenment. This is the main goal of our listening to, reflecting, and meditating on the path to enlightenment.

Should I explain you sorrows of my daily hardships.

Or should I tell you more about the sounds of Divine Harp in my left ear.

My sorrows, wishes or regrets as-well as victory is boring.

I found it out each neighbour has the same.

But the tune in my left air or sometimes in the right is snugging.

And I found out - the ones who has it - for them the all is Whole

- and Each - the same.


There’s nothing more important to do in our life than to achieve the state of omniscient mind, the fully awakened mind, in order to perfectly guide all sentient beings to this state. Being able to do perfect work, without the slightest mistake, for all sentient beings depends on generating the graduated path to enlightenment within our mind. And that depends on developing our mind in the complete path to enlightenment. In order for this to happen we need to purify our obstacles and to create the necessary condition, merit. We need to do these two things to be successful in training our mind in the path, in meditating on the path, which means transforming our mind into the graduated path to enlightenment.

I keep on searching for the peace in eyes of my companions
But rarely do I found it.
I keep on searching for the love in eyes of both my wives,
But did I ever saw it.
I keep on searching for the continuation of me within my children.
But they have got their own of it enough.
I keep on searching for the contemplation within a home,
But was able never to stay there by myself.
I keep on searching then for the meaning of all this,
But there is none than just experience.