In the morning at 12:00 taxi was waiting outside of the hotel to take me to the airport. On my way to it I grabbed a girl who was going same direction and I took my flight from Goa to Chennai through Bangalore.

Yesterday kind of a leaving party turned out at my place when few of my friends came. Even White Dowe was at the party and afterwards even gave me some healing.

I enjoyed my last day on a motorbike as I finally decided to have it for one more day - the last day in Goa - to completely enjoy it: I've noticed I've become better in driving it. Also one Canadian Princess I met few days ago and I was looking for her for last two days - I finally met her accidentally 30 minutes before she was leaving Goa. We quickly exchanged emails and I drove her a little bit around the beach area at the back of my bike. As I was having feelings like sympathy towards her - it was a real pleasure to have her behind me.

Afterwards I had a two flights - one from Goa to Bangalore and second from Bangalore to Chennai with Kingfisher airlines - the same ones I'm drinking a beer from...:) Tomorrow I have a flight to Colombo from Chennai. So today I'm staying in Chennai.

In Chennai I got some cheap room for 120 rupees (about 2 Euros). Tomorrow will see...:) continuing towards Sri Lanka.:)