Again, I have not slept all night even if this time I had a seat and the train was less crowded. I was celebrating the fourth week of my travel with a green tea and I guess I had it to much as I was as a even at 6:30 am I felt just like after the gym.:)

The train from Lanzhou stooped only in Xining and then Tibet - where half of the people moved towards exit. By my huge surprise one girl was passing me by and welcomed me with a greeting in English: "Welcome to China" and made me a gift - a very beautifully decorated hairbrush and it was soooo unexpected that I even lost my tongue for a while!:)

Moving further towards Lhasa the area gets mountaineering and it's already possible to see some snowy mountain tops and train administration passed some health check notes. Also it's forbidden to smoke as it might be dangerous for a life - as provided information at the train speakers... The highest point where train gets is about 4700 meters above sea level.

Around this area a lot of antelopes, wolves and eagles can be seen from the train's window by the railway. But generally I got used to the beautiful scenes and after few more hours it and stopped wondering about it...:) 

I found out that the most Chinese doesn't understand Tibetan language and probably that is a reason why my permit was accepted!? :)

But somehow I got till Lhasa. In the train station was CROWDED with the policeman!!!!!
They where looking around - i just somehow managed sneak till taxi, jumped in and away from there till Lhasa. And it's full of Police as well!!!!!! I cannot stay here as in each hotel thry are asking for a permit - I continued moving towards my destination.

It is much harder than I imagined. Much harder. It's raining outside and I'm so f**** scared. I'm even shaking. Found some restaurant with WiFi. I don't know when will be my next post...:)

So now I'm heading towards mountain Kailash which is about 1200 km from Lhasa West direction. It's a strictly military territory and I need to have some other permit. this fake one I got is only good in Lhasa - but if I will be stopped with it in here - it will be bad as it is not real and here they might now that. It was only good for a train.
My Chinese visa expires in less than 20 days so i need to hurry up!:) I was planning to leave Lhasa same night. And I guess I Just did not what I'm going for. But let's see!:) Because after getting to Kailash about 1200 Km from here I will need go back about 800 to Nepal, from where I will be safe and will continue my trip towards India.
Relaxed my nerves while typing - will be easier to walk. I plan to walk around 50 km tonight and start hitchhiking in a morning as the further I get from here - the better I guess. This Tibetan police is scaring me!:)